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Patuakhali District of Bangladesh. 

Patuakhali district is located in South Western of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Barisal Division. This is the main entrance for the beach of Kuakata. Famous for watching both the sun rise and sun set. This district is called ‘Sagor Konna’, which means daughter of sea. It is watered by the Bay of Bengal. The three sides Patuakhali city is surrounded by rivers. Among them two major rivers are Laukathi and Lohalia, which are directly connected with the Bay of Bangal.

Annual Average Temperature of Patuakhali: Patuakhali annual average maximum temperature 33.3°C, and minimum temperature 12.1°C. Patuakhali annual rainfall 2506 mm.  Main Rivers of Patuakhali: Patuakhali main rivers are Andharmanik River, Agunmukha River, Payra River, Lohalia River, Patuakhali River and Tentulia River. The region having been close to the sea frequently falls victim to tornado and tidal bore.

Patuakhali District Established: Patuakhali district was established in 1969. It consists of eight (8) upazilas, three (3) municipalities, twenty seven (27) wards, sixty one (61) mahallas, sixty seven (67) union parishads, five hundred sixty six (566) mouzas and eight hundred eighty two (882) villages.

Area of Patuakhali: 3204.58 km² (square kilometer).

Total Population of Patuakhali: 1,444,340 persons.

Density of Patuakhali: 450.7/km² (per square kilometer).

Literacy Rate of Patuakhali: 36.4%

Name of the Patuakhali Districts Upazilas: Bauphal Upazila, Dasmina Upazila, Galachipa Upazila, Kalapara Upazila, Mirzaganj Upazila, Patuakhali Sadar Upazila, Dumki Upazila, Rangabali Upazila.

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