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Feni District of Bangladesh.
Feni District is a small southern district of Bangladesh, bordering (clockwise from the north) Tripura in India, Chittagong district, the Bay of Bengal, Noakhali district and Comilla district. Before becoming a full-fledged district in 1984, it was part od the Noakhali district.
Annual average temperature: Maximum Temperature 34.3⁰ c, Minimum Temperature 14.4⁰ c, Annual rainfall 3302 mm.
Main rivers: Main rivers are Feni, Little Feni and Muhuri.
Feni town consists of 18 wards and 34 mahallas. It has an area of 7.43 sq km. The town has a population of 90157.
Feni district: Feni district was established in 1984. It consists of two municipality, 6 upazilas,45 union parishads, 540 mouzas, wards 27, mahallas 51 and 570 villages.
Area: 928.34 km² (358.4 sq mi)
Population: 1,196,219
Density: 1,288.6/km²(3,337.3/sq mi)
Literacy rate: 40.7%
Name of the Feni District’s Upazilas: Feni Sadar Upazila, Chhagalnaiya Upazila, Fulagazi(variant of Phool Ghazi) Upazila, Parshuram Upazila, Sonagazi Upazila and Dagonbhuiyan Upazila.