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Munshiganj District of Bangladesh.
Munshiganj district is a district in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka division. It is bounded by Dhaka and Narayangaj districts on the north, Madaripur and Shariatpur districts on the south, Comilla and Chandpur districts on the east, Dhaka and Faridpur districts on the west. The southern and eastern parts of the district often fall victim to erosion caused by the mighty Padma and the Meghna respectively. Main depression is Arial Beel covering an area of 4330 hectare.
Main Rivers of Munshignaj: Munshiganj main rivers are Padma Riv er, Meghna River, Dhaleshwari River, Ichamati River and Shitalakshya River.
Annual Average Temperature of Munshiganj: Munshiganj annual average maximum temperature 36⁰ c and minimum temperature 12.7⁰c. Munshiganj annual total rainfall 2376 mm.
Munshiganj district is one of the largest producers of potato in Bangladesh. It produces significant amount of jute, rice, wheat and other vegetables. It also produces sugar cane and banana.
Munshiganj Town: Munshiganj town consists of 9 wards and 42 mahallas. The area of the town is 14.17 square kilometers. The population of the town is 52071.
Munshiganj district was established in 1984. It consists of 6 upazilas, 67 unin parishads, 662 mouzas, 906 villages, 18wards, 73 mahallas and 2 municipalities.
The Area of Munshiganj: 954.96 square kilometers (368.7 square mile)
The Population of Munshiganj: 1,293.536
The Density of Munshiganj: 1,354.5/square kilometers (3,508.3/ square mile)
The Literacy Rate of Munshiganj: 35.8%
Name of the Munshiganj District’s Upazilas: Gazaria Upazila, Lohajang Upazila, Munshiganj sadar Upazila, Sirajdikhan Upazila, Sreenagar Upazila, Tongibari Upazila.