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Jhenaidah District of Bangladesh
Jhenaidah district is located in South western of Bangladesh. It is a part of Khulna division. On the north it borders the Kushtia district on the north, to the south by Jessore district and West Bengal (India), to the east by Rajbari district and Magura district and to the west by Chuadanga district and West Bangal (India) on the west.
Main Rivers of Jhenaidah: Jhenaidah main rivers are Garai river, Kumar river, Nabaganga river, Begabati river, Chitra river, Bairab river, Kobadak river, Kodla river, Phatki river, Kaliganga river and Ichamati river.
Annual Average Temperature of Jhenaidah: Jhenaidah annual average maximum temperature is 37.1°C and minimum temperature is 11.2°C. Jhenaidah annual rainfall 1467 mm.
Jhenaidah Town: Jhenaidah town consists of nine (wards) and thirty three (33) mahallas. The area of the town is 39.63 km² (square kilometer). The town has population of 86635 persons.
Administration of Jhenaidah: Administration of Jhenaidah district was established in 1984. It consists of six (6) upazilas. five (5) municipalities, sixty seven (67) union parishads, nine hundred forty five (945) mouzas, one thousand one hundred fifty two (1152) villages, twenty seven (27) wards and one hundred thirty four (134) mahallas.
Area of Jhenaidah: 1949.62 km² (square kilometer).
Total Population of Jhenaidah: 1,554,524 persons.
Literacy Rate of Jhenaidah: 25.95 %
Density of Jhenaidah: 797.3/ km² (per square kilomere).
Name of the Jhenaidah District’s Upazilas: Harinakunda upazila, Jhenaidah Sadar upazila, Kaliganj upazila, Shailkupa upazila, Kotchandpur upazila, Moheshpur upazila.
Name of the Jhenaidah District’s Municipalities: Jhenaidah Municipalities, shailkupa Municipalities, Kotchandpur Municipalities, Kaliganj Municipalities, and Maheshpur Municipalities.