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Khulna District of Bangladesh
Khulna district is located of Khulna division in Bangladesh. Khulna district with an area of 4394.46 km² (square kilometer), which is bounded  by Jessore district Narail district on the north, the Bay of Bengal on the south, Begerhat district on the east, Satkhira district on the west.
Annual Average Temperature of Khulna: Khulna annual average maximum temperature is 35.5°C and minimum temperature is 12.5°C. Annual rainfall is 1710 mm.
Main Rivers of Khulna: Khulna main rivers are Rupsa-Pasur river, Bhairab river, Shibsha river, Dharla river, Bhadra river, Ball river and Kobadak river. Forest of Khulna is Sundarbans (166814 hectares).
Khulna Town: Khulna town consists of thirty eight (38) wards and one hundred eighty three (183) mahallas. The area of the town is 20.60 km² (square kilometer). It has a population of 1227239 persons.
Administration Khulna District: Administration of Khulna was established on 1882. It consists of nine (9) upazilas, five (5) thanas, seventy one (71) union parishads, two (2) municipalities, forty seven (47) wards, one hundred eighty eight (188) mahalls, seven hundred forty seven (747) mouzas and one thousand one hundred six (1106) villages.
Area of Khulna: 4,394.46 km² (square kilometer).
Total population of Khulna: 2,334,285 persons.
Density of Khulna: 531.2/ km² (per square kilometer)
Literacy Rate of Khulna: 59.1%
Name of the Khulna District’s Upazilas: Terokhada upazila, Koyra upazila, Batiaghata upazila, Dacope upazila, Rupsa upazila, Dumuria upazila, Dighalia upazila, Phultala upazila, Paikgachha upazila.
Name of the Khulna District’s Thana: Daulatpur thana, Khalishpur thana, Khan Jahan Ali thana, Sonadanga thana, Khulna Sadar thana.


Important Telephone Numbers of Khulna


D.C. Office


Metropolitan Police


Circuit House


City Corporation

720946, 725234

Press Club


Fire Service

723011, 760333-37

Medical College Hospital


Biman Office


Khulna University


The Daily Purbanchal


Radio Center


Bangladesh Bank



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6.khulna duty -01191-001188/ incharge 01713-373165,