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Joypurhat District of Bangladesh.
Joypurhat District is located on Northern of Bangladesh. Joypurhat District is a part of the Rajshahi division. It is bounded by Dinajpur district on the north, Naogaon districts on the south, Bogra and Gaibandha districts on the east, Bogra and Naogaon districts and Indian province of west Bengal on the west.
Main Rivers of Joypurhat: Joypurhat main rivers are little Jamuna River, Tulsi Ganga River and Haramati River.
Annual Average Temperature of Joypurhat: Joypurhat annual average maximum temperature 34.6⁰ c and minimum temperature 11.9⁰ c. Joypurhat District’s annual total rainfall 1610 mm. Education Information of Joypurhat: Bangladeshi second Girls Cadet college is situated on Joypurhat since 2005.
Tribal Population of Joypurhat: Total tribal population of Joypurhat are 48,000 (2001) persons. Joypurhat ethnic nationals are Santal, Orao, Munda, Mahali, Koch, Pahan, Buna, Ho, Mahato, Rajbongshi etc.
Religion of Joypurhat: Islam are 88%, Hinduism are 9%, Christianity are 2%, and Buddhism are 0.8%.
Area of Joypurhat: 965.44 square kilometers
Population of Joypurhat: 844,818 (1991 years)
Density of Joypurhat: 880/ square kilometer (2,300/square mile)
Literacy rate of Joypurhat: 60.29%
Name of the Joypurhat District’s Upazilas: Akkelpur Upazila, Joypurhat Sadar Upazila, Kalai Upazila, Khetlal Upazila, Panchbibi Upazila.