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Pabna District of Bangladesh.
Pabna district is bounded by Natore and sirajganj districts on the north, Rajbari and Kushtia districts on the south, Manikganj and Sirajganj districts on the east, Ganges river and Kushtia district on the west. Characteristically the soil of the district is divided into four, viz flood plains of the Ganges, Karatoya, Jamuna and Barind Tract.
Main Rivers: Pabna District’s main river’s are Ganges, Ichamati, Gumani and Hurasagar.
Annual Average Temperature: Pabna District’s average maximum temperature 33.9 ⁰ c and minimum temperature 9.6⁰ c. Annual total rainfall 1872 mm. Pabna Town: Pabna District’s town consists of fifteen (15) wards and thirty four (34) mahallas. It has an area of 18.64 square kilometer. The Pabna town has a population of 116371 .
Administration of Pabna: Administration of Pabna district was established in 1832. The district consists of eight (8) municipalities, 81 wards, 191 mahallas, nine (9) upazilas, 72 union parishads, 1321 mouzas and 1540 villages.
Area of Pabna: 2,371.50 square kilometers (915.6 square mile)
Population of Pabna: 2,153,921
Density of Pabna: 908.3 / square kilometer (2,352.4/square mile)
Literacy rate of Pabna: 26.8%
Name of the Pabna District’s Upazilas: Atgharia Upazila, Bera Upazila, Bhangura Upazila, Chatmohar Upazila, Faridpur (Formerly Bonwareenogor) Upazila, Pabna Sadar Upazila, Ishwardi Upazila, Santhia Upazila, Sujanagar Upazila.