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Barguna District of Bangladesh. 
Barguna district is bounded on the dnorth by Jhalokati, Barisal, Pirojpur and Patuakhali districts, on the east by Patuakhali district, on the south by Patuakhali, the Bay of Bengal, on the west y Pirojpur and Bagerhat districts.
Main Rivers of Barguna: Barguna main rivers are Payra River, Bishkhali River and Baleshwar River.
Average Annual Temperature of Barguna: Barguna average annual maximum temperature 33.3°C and minimum temperature 12.1°C. Barguna annual rainfall 2506mm (1997).
Established of Barguna: Barguna was established in 1984. The district consists of five (5) upazilas, thirty eight (38) union parishads, two hundred and thirty eight (238) mouzas, five hundred and sixty (560) villages, four (4) municipalities, forty four (44) wards and forty nine (49) mahallas.
Barguna Town: Barguna town consists of nine (9) words and eighteen (18) mahallas with an area of 15.57 square kilometers. The town has a population of 26484.
Area of Barguna: 1831.31 km² (square kilometers).
Total Population of Barguna: 9,02,465 (2007) persons.
Literacy Rate of Barguna: 40.14%
Name of the Barguna Districts Upazilas: Amtali Upazila, Bamna Upazila, Barguna Sadar Upazila, Betagi Upazila, Patharghata Upazila.
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