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Rajshahi District of Bangladesh.

 Rajshahi district is located in north- western of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rajshahi division. Rajshahi is metropolitan city of Rajshahi division. Rajshahi district is buonded oby Naogaon district on the nourth, Natore district on the east, Chapai Nawabganj district on the south and the river padma to the south. There are ten rivers in this district, totaling 146 kilometer in length.

Main River: Rajshahi district’s main river is Padma River (Ganges). Some others are Mahananda River, Baral River and Barnai River. Rajshahi Town: Rajshahi district’s town stands on the bank of the river Padma. Rajshahi town consists of four (4) thanas, thirty (39) wards and 169 mahallas. It has an area of 96.69 square kilometer. The town has a population of 646716.
Administration of Rajshahi: Administration of Rajshahi district was established in 1772. The district consists of four (4) thanas, seven (7) municipalities, 93 wards, 297 mahallas, nine (9) upazilas, 70 union parishads, 1678 mouzas and 1858 villages.
Area of Rajshahi: 2,407.01 square kilometers ( 929.4 square mile)
Population of Rajshahi: 2,262,483
Density of Rajshahi: 940/ square kilometer (2,434.5/square mile)
Literacy rate of Rajshahi: 30.61%
Name of the Rajshahi District’s Thanas: Boalia Thana, Rajpara Thana, Mathar Thana, Shah Mokhdum Thana.
Name of the Rajshahi District’s Upazilas: Bagha Upazila, Paba Upazila, Bagmara Upazila, Charghat Upazila, Durgapur Upazila, Godagari Upazila, Mohanpur Upazila, Puthia Upazila, Tanore Upazila.

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