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Rangpur district of Bangladesh.
Rangpur is a district in northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rangpur division. It is bounded by Nilphamari district on the north, Gaibandha district on the south, Kurigram district on the east and Dinajpur district on the west. Main rivers are Tista, Chamundeshwari, Karatoya, Chikhli and Ghaghat. About 80% area of the district is composed of alluvial soil of Tista basin and 20% Barindiand.
Annual Temperature of Rangpur district:Annual average highest temperature 32.3°c and lowest temperature 11.2°c ; annual rainfall 2,931 mm.Main river of Rangpur District:Main rivers are Teesta, Chamundeshwari, Karatoya, Chikhli and Ghaghat.
Rangpur district town: Rangpur town stands on the bank of the river Ghagat. Rangpur district consists of 15 wards and 109 mahallas. The area of the municipality is 42.57 square kilometers and its population of 251699. It was established in 1869.
Rangpur District:Rangpur district consists of 3 municipalities, 33 wards, 203 mahallas, 8 upazilas, 84 union parishads and 1519 villages, 2151 mouzas.
Rangpur district Area: 2,307.78 square kilometers ( 891 square mile).
Population of Rangpur: 251,699
Density of Rangpur: 109.1/ square kilometers (282.5/ square mile).
Literacy rate in Rangpur: 26.7%.
Name of Rangpur District’s Upazilas: Badarganj Upazilas, Gangachara Upazilas, Rangpur sadar Upazilas, Mithapukur Upazilas, Kaunia Upazilas, Pirgachha Upazilas, Pirganj Upazilas, Taraganj Upazilas.
Municipalities: Rangpur Main, Badarganj and Haragach.