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Sunamganj District of Bangladesh.
Sunamganj district is bounded by Khasia and Jaintia hills (India) on the north, Habiganj and Kishoreganj districts on the south, Sylhet districts on the east, Netrokona and greater Mymenshing districts on the west.
Annual temperature of Sunamganj district: Sunameganj Annual Maximum temperature 33.2⁰ c, minimum temperature 13.6⁰c. Sunameganj Annual rainfall 3334 mm. There are many haors and beels in Sunamganj.
Sunamganj Town: Sunamganj district stands on the bank of the river Surma. Sunamganj town was established in late 18th century. Sunamganj town consists of nine (9) wards and forty four (44) mahallas. Sunamganj town has an area of 22.16 square km. The town has a population of 49373.
Administration of Sunamganj: Administration of Sunamganj district was established in 1984. It consists of four (4) municipality, thirty six (36) wards, one hundred thirty nine (139) mahallas, ten (10) upazilas, eighty two (82) union parishads, 1711 mouzas and 2813 villages.
Area of Sunamganj: 3,669.58 km² (1,416.8/ square mile)
Population of Sunamganj: 1,968,669
Density of Sunamganj: 536.5/km² (1,389.5/ square mile)
Literacy rate of Sunamganj: 22.3%
Name of the Sunamganj District’s Upazilas: Chhatak Upazila, Derai Upazila, Bishwamvarpur Upazila, Tahirpur Upazila, Dharampasha Upazila, Jamalganj Upazila, Dowarabazar Upazila, South Upazila, Agannathpur Upazila, Sunamganj Sadar Upazila, South Sunamganj Upazila.